Sizing Faqs

Our artisans create your little's sandals and shoes by European sizes.  This could create a bit of confusion on which size to order!  We have created a simplistic example below in order to help you decide which sandal or shoe size would be best for your littles.

1.  Measure your little's foot from heel to toe.

This can be done a few different ways, but the easiest would be to simply put a ruler or measuring stick from their heel to the top of their big toe.  This gives you the measurement of your little's foot.

( My child's foot below is between 4.75" and 5.0" )

2.  Match your little's foot measurement to our sizing chart.

( My child's foot would match best with a Size Euro 20... 4.75" )

3.  When ordering, please keep in mind to go with their exact measuring size.  If they are between sizes, we suggest to size down and not up!  For the example, you see I sized down and not up for my child's size.

4.  We give .5" of growth room for each sandal.  This is why we do not suggest to size up!

5.  This is a view of our child in a Size Euro 19 (Tan Sandal) and Size Euro 20 (Brown Sandal).  

A Size Euro 19 fits him perfectly but does not allow any growth room.  More than likely, he will grow out of this pair very quickly.  This is not the sizing we would recommend and does not follow our sizing chart for his measurements.  

A Size Euro 20 fits him but also gives his foot growing room.  This would be the perfect size that would allow his foot growth room for the rest of spring and summer.  This fitting is by following our measurement chart exactly with his foot measurement.


Should you have any further questions, please email us at so we can help!