Five Sale Secrets

Our Black Friday sale begins Friday, November 23rd through Monday, November 26th.  Here's how to best prepare for our largest sale of the year!


Step 1:  Make a Customer Account

Registering your personal info and shipping information, will make checking out a lot quicker!  This will help your chances of scoring your carted items.

Click here to begin!


Step 2: Measure Your Child's Foot

We highly suggest that you measure your child's foot prior to shopping our Black Friday Sale!  This will cut out the guessing game and give an easier time for shopping.  The best way to measure:  Place your child's foot on a piece of paper, while standing.  Mark the tip of their toe and the bottom of their heel.  Measure between the two lines and match their foot size with our insole measuring guide.


Step 3:  Join our FB Group

Our Insider's group on FB will be receiving a one hour head start to shop before the public!  Click here to join!


Step 4:  Sign-Up for Our Email List

Our email subscribers will be getting reminders, so mom brain doesn't kick in and you don't miss your carted items.


Step 5: Know Our Policies

Only one discount code can be used at checkout!  Our website will not allow you to checkout with more than one.  

If you have shop credit, while shopping our sale, please use the discount code first and then email us with your shop credit code so we can refund your credit!

No combining orders, since we will be shipping these out promptly and the order volume will be large.

All items purchased during our sale are FINAL SALE.

Please see our terms and conditions below.

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